Kilimanjaro Climb Mweka Route

  • Kili Climb Umbwe Route
  • Kili Climb Umbwe Route

This is the most direct route up the Mountain. It is steepest and the fastest. It begins at Mweka village, 13 km north of Moshi. However, this route is being used for descending only for those who would use Machame, Umbwe and Shira routes for ascending. Shira plateau route is one of the most fascinating and scenic areas of Kilimanjaro. In this route, one can drive to a relatively high attitude and must be very careful to acclimatize especially if one plans to climb higher.

Day 1: Drive to the Londorossi gate. Dinner andovernight at Simba Cave campsite.

Day 2: From here the track continues for another 3 km across the Saddle between Shira dome and Kibo's western slopes at 3740m, at the end of the track you walk another 1.5 km to Shira Hut at 3,800m for  overnight stay.

Day 3: The path continues and go on to Barranco Hut at 3,900m and that takes a bout 5-6 hours. You will have to spend your night at Barranco Hut.

Day 4: After breakfast, you proceed to Barafu Hut at 4,600m, the path climbs steeply out of Barranco valley crosses the Karanga valley then turn to reach Barafu Hut for overnight.

Day 5: You get up at about 0100 hours in order to reach the Summit at sunrise. You first reach the Crater rim at Stella point then, on to uhuru peak at 5,896m ASL, the highest point in Africa. Thereafter, descend to Mweka Hut past Barafu for overnight stay.

Day 6: Descend to Mweka gate for certificate award and drive back to your booked hotel or next destination.